Quick-Fix Massage: How to Squeeze More Massage into Your Busy Schedule

Posted on Mar 14, 2011 in Massage

How often do you get a massage? Every-other month? Once a year? For some people, that’s enough. For others, massage is a needed respite from acute or chronic pain and a month between visits is too long. Then there are those who simply love massage, can’t get enough of it, and would sign up for massage every day if they could. Wherever you fit into this spectrum, there’s an often overlooked option that can boost the frequency of your massage visits…

Enter the world of the 15-minute chair massage. It’s quick, it’s efficient, and it can be surprisingly relieving and relaxing. If you’ve got pain or soreness anywhere from your hips to your head, chair massage can help. If you’ve had a stressful morning at work, chair massage can help on your lunch break. If you’ve sleep awkwardly and wake up unable to turn your head from side to side, then chair massage can help with a last minute appointment.

If you haven’t seen or experienced chair massage before, it is a simple process. You keep your clothes on. You sit with your knees bent on a chair that is reminiscent of one of those ergonomic benches. Only this chair also has a chest pad, face rest and arm rests. Your massage therapist adjusts the chair to your body specs. Then you lean forward and relax.

Sometimes chair massage is disappointing, superficial and meaningless. However, when it’s performed well, chair massage can focus on relaxation, stress relief, and the release of trigger points. The massage chair gives a massage therapist access to the head, neck, shoulders, arms and back. It is easy to target these specific areas or work generally across the entire upper body.

No time is wasted taking off your clothes, getting under sheets and blankets, or lubricating the skin. At the end of your massage, there’s no time spent putting on clothes or showering. When your chair massage is complete, you can discuss the treatment with your massage therapist, check-out and be on your way. The whole process need only take 20 to 25 minutes. You’ll be back to work, on to shopping, or home for dinner with less pain, less tension and less stress.

Table massage is great for days off, weekends, or any other decent chunk of free time. But for busy schedules or specific pain, chair massage offers an alternative option. Chair massage produces results on its own or as a supplement to your regular massage visits. It’s also a great option for skeptical friends or spouses that have never tried massage. If you haven’t experienced it before (or it wasn’t enjoyable the last time), then maybe it’s about time that you squeeze a chair massage into your schedule. It’s a quick-fix that actually works.

Branden has over 9 years experience and training in Swedish, Deep Tissue, Sports, Chair and Thai Massage. Book an appointment with him today.