In-house Fashion Shoot

Posted on Nov 30, 2011 in Services


On the afternoon of November 14th, we closed the salon for an in-house photo shoot and hair workshop with special guest Jon Reyman.

“I learned the rules of braiding, different techniques for styling, and how to make them beautiful and efficient at the same time.” – Lizzy

“I was able to step out of the box and combine different Aveda products to achieve my desired look.” – Kim

“This class was great inspiration for ways to do new styles, but with a sleeker and more finished touch.” – Kaitlyn.

As a high end salon/spa in Madison, WI we strive to stay one step ahead when it comes to current trends, services, and latest styles. That is why we were honored to have top Aveda Educator and Artistic Director Jon Reyman visit Rejuvenation Spa for an Editorial Styling/Photo Workshop. If you’re not familiar with editorial styling, then picture over the top hair and make-up, prolific image making, high voltage hairstyles, and putting your creative abilities to the test. As a model and employee of Rejuvenation Spa, I felt that the stylists were full of energy and ideas when it came time to work on their models. I had the opportunity to participate as a model. Mckenzie was my stylist and she found inspiration from Fashion Magazine and Salon Today. She created two looks with my hair and make-up that definitely gave off the high end fashion vibe.

When it came time for the actual photo shoot, Mckenzie took charge and positioned me to emphasize the value and beauty of the original picture in her mind. When I asked other stylists about the workshop, I received nothing but positive feedback.

Lindsey is a front desk coordinator and the Aveda Mentor for Rejuvenation Spa.