The No-Wash Day

Posted on Apr 12, 2019 in Featured, Products, Promotions, Uncategorized

Many guests don’t wash their hair every day. The reason? Guests are trying to:

  • Preserve natural oils on the hair and scalp. In cold climates or desert like conditions, dry air can lead to itchiness or dryness on the skin and scalp. The no-wash day is a way to preserve the natural oils in your hair.
  • Save time. Shampooing and blow-drying can take a lot of time and effort in the morning or after a workout. It can also cause damage if you are not using the appropriate products to protect your hair from heat damage.
  • Preserve their style with high-performance products and techniques that keep their hair looking great between washes.

Dry Shampoo: Not For You? Each guest is different. Dry shampoo is only one of multiple options.

What’s New?

Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher


For a fresh twist on a no-wash day use Rinseless Refresh Micellar Hair & Scalp Refresher. Get that fresh-hair feeling and bouncy, second-day texture. Babassu-derived micelles help lift impurities from your scalp. Naturally derived polymers help reshape waves, curls & coils, and also tame frizz for up to 72 hours, even in intense humidity.


Usage and Application

  • Shake Well.
  • To apply to scalp: Part hair, and hold bottle 4-6 inches away from target area. Apply as desired, and massage in.
  • To refresh hair: Hold bottle 6-8 inches away, and spray to dampen hair from roots to ends. Air-dry or heat style to redefine the style.
  • Avoid spraying into eyes.


Heat Relief Thermal Protector & Conditioning Mist

Shampure thermal dry conditioner is now heat relief™ thermal protector & conditioning mist.

97% naturally derived* thermal dry spray that protects hair from heat up to 450 degrees during restyling, instantly conditions and infuses hair with calming shampure aroma.


Usage and Application

  • Shake well
  • Spray lightly onto dry hair from 6-8 inches away, focusing on mid-lengths to ends. Style with thermal tools as desired. Avoid spraying into eyes.